You Are The One – a-ha!


Year: 1988
Artist: a-ha
Hit Song: Take on Me, The Sun always shine on TV
Album: Stay On These Roads

One of the bands I have poster hanging in my bedroom wall. This New Wave/Synthpop group put Norway in the world map when they penetrated the number 1 spot in the US chart.  Founded in 1982, the band consists of Morten Harket on vocals – Is it just me? or the world always seems brighter from behind his smile.  Magne Furuholmen on keyboards, and Pål Waaktaar on guitars. The band wanted a name which meant the same thing in every language. “A-ha!” is an exclamation uttered at the realization of something, and its meaning is universal… universal just like Morten’s smile c”,)

“You Are the One” is a single from A-ha’s third album, Stay on These Roads. The music video was filmed in New York City, you can refer to this link  to view the official video and the awesome smile I’m telling you about The song wasn’t as big as “Take On Me” but it was very popular in my high school where I came to know of this single from one of my favorite band… a-ha!

The band split after a worldwide tour in 2010 on October 15 2009 and ending their on a High Note tour. Thousands of fans from at different countries flocked to see this trio for the last time.

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