Together in Electric Dreams – Philip Oakey

Human League (Philip Oakey center)

Year:  1985
Artist: Philip Oakey (vocalist of Human League)
Album: Good-Bye Bad Times

Ever wonder why this song always got tied up with Human League? It’s because the singer/composer was actually the front man of the band named, Philip Oakey.  As per Wikipedia, When Oakey recorded the song it was over very quickly, after the first full recording the album producer told Oakey that the first take was “good enough, as first time is always best”. Oakey who thought he was just rehearsing insisted on doing another take. The producer let him but to this day Oakey is convinced that they still used the first take on the final production. Oakey states that it is ironic that a track that took literally ten minutes to record would become a worldwide hit, while some of his Human League material that took over a year to record didn’t

Just so you know,  the record was also the soundtrack of the movie ‘Electric Dreams’ –if that don’t ring a bell it’s because the song overshadowed the original film and became a hit single in its own right. To the masses, the melody lingers on but the film left forgotten. I remember seeing this movie but I cannot recollect the whole plot. I still retrieved in my memory of wanting to see the film because of the soundtrack and how happy I was when my brother acquired a Betamax copy of it.  The story was a guy who bought a PC and having a next door crush and that computer also had crush on the same girl. So much for machine with feelings, you can visit IMDB for the whole synopsis. One thing I cannot forget about this picture though, that I was amazed seeing a personal computer for the first time even on a TV screen that eventually, became my bread and butter.