Rent – Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys

Year: 1987
Artist: Pet Shop Boys
Album: Actually
Hit Songs: West End Girls, Always on my mind, Suburbia,
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)

Pet Shop Boys are an English electronic dance music duo, consisting of Neil Tennant, who provides main vocals, keyboards and occasional guitar, and Chris Lowe on keyboards. The two came up with the name Pet Shop Boys from friends of theirs who worked in a pet shop in Ealing, London.

I had the pleasure of watching them performed live few years back and without goggling of the front men’s orientation, instantly I knew they were gay. This was apart from the fact that my gaydar blipped intensely, what gave them away was the show turned into a Broadway play plus all the glitters and gold and half naked flexed muscled men dancing. I’m very familiar with their music but my liking never moved me to inquire further than their talents and albums. Anyways, it’s not like they were hiding it, I found out from Wikipedia that Tennant came out in a 1994 interview for Attitude, a UK gay lifestyle magazine. Lowe, did not disclosed his own orientation, where according to him there is only “(human) sexuality” – which suggests that he may consider the terms “gay” or “straight” to be constricting, inadequate, or inappropriate labels. I completely agree, in this ever changing world it’s enough that we put labels on stuff rather than on fickle minded people…the women of tomorrow would probably be the men of today.

Pet Shop Boys has a lot of hits but Rent is my favourite I don’t know why, I cannot even relate to the lyrics. It’s repeating, retelling narrative about this freeloader in financially one sided relationship and getting everything at liberty but really costing the most important and priceless parts of life. I guess what attracted me to this song was the distinct voice of Tennant that added despondent flavour to its undertone that will leave you an eclectic haunting feeling of desolation.