Heaven Knows – When in Rome

When in Rome

Year: 1990
Artist: When In Rome
Hit Song: The Promise
Album: When in Rome

While everybody’s still going gaga over the song ‘The Promise’,  the biggest commercial hit from the band called ‘When in Rome’ back in 1988, a friend of mine introduced me to their follow up single entitled ’Heaven Knows’ in 1990 – I remember that this was the group’s last single before they  ultimately faded away. Though this song never gained much popularity it’s still one of the best for me because the melody is just right, the words and lyrics are just as poetic.

“A love you can’t have
A love you can’t face
A love you broke once
A love you both waste
What seemed like love
Felt like pain
Everywhere you moved
It’s gonna be the same
Blame it on people
Blame it on cards
Whichever way you do
There’s gonna be scars”

After this song, When in Rome, the English New Wave trio, originally consisting of vocalists Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann, and keyboards player Michael Floreale was never heard from ever again…